Recognized for Excellence in Nursing

University of Maryland Medical Center's Chona Rizzari, Christina Purificato, Jasmine Noronha and Donna Audia

Nurses from both UMMC campuses were honored in Baltimore magazine's "Excellence in Nursing" issue. Click here to learn more.

This is About to Get Personal

Every nursing career here is as individual as the people you see below. Click to watch some of our nurses videos:

Jeremy Kirlew, BSN, RN

Jeremy Kirlew creates learning experiences to ensure every nurse in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab is well-versed in sophisticated technology. View video >


Cindy Rew, BSN, RN

Cindy Rew is the nurse manager for the SICU. Her 12 years here as a nurse, a leader and as graduate student prove that excelling while living a balanced life is not only possible ... it's encouraged. View video >


Roseann Dougherty, BSN, RN

Roseann Dougherty is an Oncology nurse with a calling: she's using exercise to help cancer warriors marshal mind, body, and spirit to battle their cancer. View video >


June Guadalupe, BSN, RN, CCRN, CNRN, CEN, CMC

June Guadalupe works in the Trauma Resuscitation Unit at our R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. If you imagine that requires stamina, you'll understand why June is such a good fit. View video >

Tracy Statter, BSN, RN, CPEN

Tracy Statter has been in nursing just 3 years and is already a senior clinical nurse. She's a great example of one of the most fundamental principles of our culture: merit matters most. View video >


Kristina Ludwig, CRNA, MSN

Kristina Ludwig, MSN, CRNA

Kristina Ludwig loves new experiences both in her personal and professional lives. She'll tell you one thing is true about recently moving to Baltimore and joining the ranks of our Nurse Anesthetists - it hasn't been dull. View video >


Harriett Neverdon

Harriet Neverdon, BSN, RN

Harriet Neverdon, Clinical Nurse II, wondered if an academic medical center's pace would allow her to develop as a nurse. In almost 3 years here, she's had a preceptor. She has a mentor. She's been promoted. Those are all good developments. View video >


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