Visitors Code of Conduct

The University of Maryland Medical Center is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment to everyone who enters our doors. To ensure this, we ask that you abide by these visitor guidelines:

Visiting hours: Please observe visiting hours and any restrictions posted on a patient’s door, such as isolation or diet restrictions. Only 2 visitors per patient are permitted at any time and they should be over the age of 12. Only one visitor is permitted in the patient’s room after visitation hours end. When asked to leave the room by caretakers, please respectfully oblige.

Identification: Please wear appropriate visitor identification at all times.

Use of Common Areas:Please be mindful of other visitors and other families’ need for space. Please refrain from extended stays in common areas. And please limit personal belongings which take up space that could be used by other families. Coolers and tents are prohibited. Please clean up after yourself before leaving the waiting area.

No outside medicine: Please do not bring/give/provide any drugs, medications, herbal supplements, alcohol, smoking materials and tobacco products of any kind, including e-cigarette-type devices to anyone.

Clothing: Appropriate clothing is required. Clothing with obscene language is prohibited.

Sick? Stay at Home: If you are sick or have an illness that could be transmitted to a patient, please do not visit patients at the hospital. If you have concerns about symptoms, please consult with your personal health care provider prior to visiting the hospital.

Right to Privacy: All patients have a right to privacy, which should be respected. Federal law requires that hospitals comply with strict laws to protect patients’ privacy. Staff will provide condition updates to a designated spokesperson or upon patient request.

Respect: Coming to the hospital can be stressful and cause anxiety. Please be respectful and courteous to all persons and property.

Prohibited Actions

Photography/Videography: Due to patient privacy policies, taking photos or videos in common areas of the hospital is not permit-ted. In a patient room, you may not photograph, videotape or record audio of any medical procedure. You also may not photograph, videotape or record audio of any physician, nurse or staff without their permission.

Threatening Behavior: No disruptive, threatening or violent behavior, including the use of obscene language or gestures.

Tobacco Use: Do not smoke or use tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, anywhere except in designated smoking areas outside of the hospital.

Banned Items: Alcohol, drugs and weapons are strictly prohibited.

Thank you for your cooperation. Those who do not comply may be asked to leave the Medical Center and may be escorted off hospital grounds by security. In addition, non-compliant visitors may lose visiting privileges.

Additional resources are available through an on-campus phone:
Pastoral Care: 8-6014
Social Work: 8-6700
Patient Advocate: 8-8777
Security: 8-8711

** The Medical Center does not restrict or deny visitation based on race, religion, ethnicity, culture, language, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical or mental disability, or socioeconomic status. **