Tobacco-Free Hospital

No smoking, electronic cigarettes or tobacco use of any kind is allowed in the Medical Center, including patient rooms and bathrooms. This is a safety issue. 

Zero Tolerance

Violators will be escorted away from the hospital.

Smoking Can Cause A Fire

Fire is more dangerous in a hospital because:

  • Sick or injured patients can’t move quickly to get away from a fire.
  • Hospital bedding, gowns, oxygen tanks and other gases catch fire very easily.
  • Any smoke — from a cigarette or from a fire — can hurt patients who already are sick.

The hospital and university have designated outdoor areas where smoking is allowed. 

Tobacco Use Is Allowed Outside At These Locations:

  1. Baltimore Street near Penn Street, UMB School of Dentistry building, under the canopy.
  2. Redwood and Penn Streets,outside the Shock Trauma Center
  3. Penn Street behind the UMB School of Nursing
  4. Lombard Street, outside the UMMC Gudelsky building, under the building overhang *
  5. Street-level deck above the Medical Center Parking Garage, behind the elevator enclosure
  6. University Plaza Park, across from the Main Entrance of the hospital on Greene Street *

* These designated smoking areas are located near the hospital.

UMMC offers free smoking cessation classes through the Patient Resource Center.

Source: UMMC Policy No. EOC-003.